viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010

I like

In The summer; I visit my gramparenst in caracas , Summer break lasts from june 15 th to august 3th. My Favorite Day of  the  year  is AAgust 15  It"s  the brithday to my mother ! My relatives  come  to  my gramparents house for  a secial dinner. It lasts for tree or for hours.

My personality and acupation

I" am study marketing, and to be hard in the "CNE"
i am honest, creative. usually smiling and very sincere forever.

About me"

hi, my name is Ennilec Acosta and my nikname is "mama" .I from Mara originally.i live in carrasquero I"m 20 years oldand Istudy Marketing in URBE.My favorite sudjes is Marketing one. I love a my mother, brother and friends, my favorite sport is volleyball I like going to the movies, eat ice cream, listening to miusic special group "treo" , buy in the supermarkert.I hate falsehood and froges.My drean is to carry I"s objetives :-).

viernes, 1 de octubre de 2010

Electiones 2010:-) my participation

I participated in the 2010 parliamentary elections as voting machine operator vez.Desde early first attended the center where I got to work, in spite of the risks presented by my lack of experience, I really enjoyed being part of the process and I would like to participate again. I love being part of the CNE

My Friend